BCP1979 Concordance

Metrical Collects BCP1979 First line Number
The Second Collect, for Peace. A Collect for Peace (Morning Prayer) O God, the author of eternal peace 1
The Third Collect, for Grace. A Collect for Grace Lord, Who art enthroned on high 2
The Second Collect at Evening Prayer. A Collect for Peace (Evening Prayer) O God, Who dost our thoughts inspire 3
The Third Collect, for Aid against all Perils. A Collect for Aid against Perils O Lord, our darkness lighten now 4
First Sunday in Advent. First Sunday of Advent O God, with hearts as in Thy sight 5
Second Sunday in Advent. Second Sunday of Advent Most blessed Lord, Whose gracious love 6
Fourth Sunday in Advent. Third Sunday of Advent Raise up, O Lord, Thy mighty power 8
The Nativity of Our Lord, commonly called Christmas-Day. The Nativity of Our Lord: Christmas Day Almighty God, we worship Thee 9
St. Stephen's Day. Saint Stephen Lord, if we suffer for Thy sake 10
The Epiphany, or the Manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles. The Epiphany Lord God of Hosts, how great Thy might 15
The first Sunday after the Epiphany. Proper 10 We call on Thee, O Lord 16
The sixth Sunday after the Epiphany. Proper 27 O God, Whose ever-blessed Son 21
The Sunday called Quinquagesima, or the Sunday last before Lent. Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany O Lord, Who by Thy perfect love 24
Ash-Wednesday. Ash Wednesday Almighty everlasting God, Thou hatest not Thine own 25
Sunday before Easter. Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday Almighty God of endless might 31
Good Friday. (I) Good Friday Behold, O God, Thy ransomed race 32
The second Sunday after Easter. Proper 15 God, Who in mercy didst devise 40
The fifth Sunday after Easter. Proper 5 Author of good, eternal Lord 43
The Ascension-Day. Ascension Day Mighty God, Thee e'er believing 44
Sunday after Ascension-Day. The Sunday after Ascension Day King of glory, God of grace 45
Whit-Sunday. The Day of Pentecost: Whitsunday Great God Who didst, as on this day 46
Trinity Sunday. First Sunday after Pentecost: Trinity Sunday Almighty, everlasting Lord, eternal Trinity adored 49
The second Sunday after Trinity. Proper 7 O Lord, how glorious the gain 51
The fourth Sunday after Trinity. Proper 12 O God, protector of the weak 53
The fifth Sunday after Trinity. Proper 3 The nations of the world 54
The seventh Sunday after Trinity. Proper 17 Lord of all power and might 56
The eighth Sunday after Trinity. Proper 4 O God Who ever liv'st 57
The ninth Sunday after Trinity. Proper 14 O Lord, Who hearest every weary sigh 58
The Transfiguration. The Transfiguration O God, Who on Mount Sinai's peak 59
The eleventh Sunday after Trinity. Proper 21 O God, Thou hast declared to man 61
The twelfth Sunday after Trinity. Proper 22 O God, we bless Thy name 62
The thirteenth Sunday after Trinity. Proper 26 Almighty God, each perfect gift 63
The fourteenth Sunday after Trinity. Proper 25 Almighty, everlasting Lord, to us Thy promised aid afford 64
The sixteenth Sunday after Trinity. Proper 13 Cleanse and defend Thy church, O Lord 66
The seventeenth Sunday after Trinity. Proper 23 His flock the Eastern shepherd leads 67
The nineteenth Sunday after Trinity. Proper 19 O God, in Thee we live and move 69
The twentieth Sunday after Trinity. Proper 2 O what can hurt a soul redeemed 70
St. Andrew's Day. Saint Andrew Almighty God, Who gav'st such grace 76
St. Thomas the Apostle. Saint Thomas Almighty God, forevermore the same 77
The Conversion of St. Paul. Conversion of Saint Paul O God, how wondrous are Thy ways 78
The Purification of the Virgin Mary. The Presentation Thou majesty divine, before Thy throne we bow 79
St. Matthias's Day. Saint Matthias Searcher of hearts, Almighty God 80
The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Annunciation O Lord, Who in Thy wondrous love 81
St. Philip & St. James's Day. Fifth Sunday of Easter Almighty God, truly to choose our part 83
St. John Baptist's Day. The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist To Thee, Almighty God, to Thee 85
St. Bartholomew the Apostle. Saint Bartholomew Almighty everlasting Lord, Who didst to Thine apostle 88
St. Michael & All Angels. Saint Michael and All Angels Before this wide Creation's birth 90
St. Luke the Evangelist. Saint Luke Almighty God, Who unto man hast given 91
St. Simon & St. Jude. Proper 8 Almighty God, Thy wondrous might 92
All Saints' Day. All Saints' Day Thy love, Almighty God, provides 93
For Purity. Collect for Purity All hearts are open unto Thee 94
Collect after the Offertory. (V) Proper 11 Fountain of Wisdom, mighty Lord 101