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First line


First line Tune Subject Number
All God's creation, bless the Lord eternal Coelites plaudant Canticles 111
All glory be to God on high Allein Gott in der Höh Canticles 119
All hearts are open unto Thee The Third Tune Holy Communion 94
All people that on earth do dwell Old 100th Canticles 104
Almighty Everlasting God, Thy holy word has taught Halifax Holy Communion 96
Almighty Father, Thou didst give Surrey Easter 39
Almighty God of endless might Majesty Holy Week 31
Almighty God, Thy aid we seek Kommt her zu mir Lent 27
Almighty God, Thy wondrous might St. Alphege Saints’ Days 92
Almighty God, Who by Thine only Son Woodlands Easter 36
Almighty God, Who gav'st such grace Father of All Saints’ Days 76
Almighty God, Who gavest birth Duke Street Epiphany 17
Almighty God, Who mad'st Thy Son to bless Morecambe Christmas 14
Almighty God, Who showeth Llangloffan Easter 41
Almighty God, Who unto man hast given Yorkshire Saints’ Days 91
Almighty God, at Thy command Philanthropy Lent 28
Almighty God, before Thy throne O Traurigkeit Lent 30
Almighty God, each perfect gift Martyrdom Trinity 63
Almighty God, forevermore the same Anima Christi Saints’ Days 77
Almighty God, truly to choose our part Spring Saints’ Days 83
Almighty God, we humbly claim Tallis' Ordinal Holy Communion 102
Almighty God, we pray Thee grant Bristol Holy Communion 99
Almighty God, we worship Thee Morning Song Christmas 9
Almighty everlasting God, Thou hatest not Thine own Bangor Lent 25
Almighty everlasting Lord, Who didst to Thine apostle Bromley Saints’ Days 88
Almighty, Everlasting Lord, in Thee is all our trust St. Anne Epiphany 18
Almighty, everlasting Lord, eternal Trinity adored Melita Trinity 49
Almighty, everlasting Lord, to us Thy promised aid afford Erhalt uns, Herr Trinity 64
Arise and shine, thy light is come Kingsfold Canticles 110
As mountain ranges uprise Es ist ein Ros Lent 29
As when Saint James once heard the call Brother James' Air Saints’ Days 87
Author of good, eternal Lord St. Mark's Berkeley Easter 43


First line Tune Subject Number
Before this wide Creation's birth Vail Saints’ Days 90
Behold, O God, Thy ransomed race St. Petersburg Holy Week 32


First line Tune Subject Number
Cleanse and defend Thy church, O Lord David's Harp Trinity 66


First line Tune Subject Number
Fountain of Wisdom, mighty Lord Vernon Holy Communion 101


First line Tune Subject Number
Glory to Thee, O God Moseley Easter 37
Glory to Thee, O Lord God of our fathers O quanta qualia Canticles 112
God of creation and of grace St. Peter Easter 38
God of eternal, everlasting might Langran Holy Week 33
God of everlasting might St. Philip Holy Communion 95
God the Spirit, we aspire Tunbridge Pentecost 48
God, Who in mercy didst devise Pendeen Easter 40
Grant to us, Lord, who in baptismal wave Ite, missa est Holy Week 35
Great God Who didst, as on this day Richmond Pentecost 46


First line Tune Subject Number
Hail, Queen of Heaven, beyond compare Wareham Marian Antiphons 122
Hail, our Queen and Mother blest Gaudeamus pariter Marian Antiphons 124
Head of Thy Church, O Savior Word Windsor Advent 7
His flock the Eastern shepherd leads Repton Trinity 67
Holy God, we praise Thy name Grosser Gott Canticles 120
How many gifts most excellent Peterborough Saints’ Days 86
How wondrous and great Old 104th Canticles 118


First line Tune Subject Number
If Thou stretch forth Thy hand Diademata Trinity 74
In humblest households here below Hymn 180 Trinity 72


First line Tune Subject Number
Joy to thee, O Queen of Heaven Easter Hymn Marian Antiphons 123


First line Tune Subject Number
King of glory, God of grace Salzburg Ascension 45


First line Tune Subject Number
Lord God of Hosts, how great Thy might St. Columba Epiphany 15
Lord and Ruler of all beings Beecher Canticles 113
Lord of all power and might Art House Trinity 56
Lord, Who art enthroned on high Veni, Sancte Spiritus Morning Prayer 2
Lord, if we suffer for Thy sake Detroit Christmas 10
Lord, let Thy servant now depart St. Andrew Canticles 116
Lord, let our humble prayer arise Hereford Trinity 68
Lord, we approach Thy mercy's throne Kedron Trinity 60


First line Tune Subject Number
Merciful Lord, before Thy shrine Conditor alme siderum Christmas 11
Mighty God, Thee e'er believing Wachet auf Ascension 44
Most blessed Lord, Whose gracious love Resignation Advent 6
Most merciful and gracious Lord Christchurch Trinity 71
Mother of Christ, hear thou thy people's cry Song 46 Marian Antiphons 121
My soul and spirit filled with joy Edmonton Canticles 114


First line Tune Subject Number
Now humbly, Lord, we Thee beseech Sussex Carol Trinity 75


First line Tune Subject Number
O Everlasting and Almighty Lord Toulon Holy Communion 98
O God Who ever liv'st Darwall's 148th Trinity 57
O God almighty, strength of all the weak Eventide Christmas 12
O God of mercy, God of grace Nomen Tersanctum Holy Week 34
O God, Thou hast declared to man Truro Trinity 61
O God, Who dost our thoughts inspire Te lucis ante terminum Evening Prayer 3
O God, Who for Thy Church's good A la venue de Noël Saints’ Days 82
O God, Who hast decreed Ich halte treulich still Trinity 55
O God, Who on Mount Sinai's peak Puer nobis nascitur Trinity 59
O God, Whose ever-blessed Son Verbum supernum prodiens Epiphany 21
O God, how wondrous are Thy ways Sagina Saints’ Days 78
O God, in Thee we live and move Cornwall Trinity 69
O God, protector of the weak Caithness Trinity 53
O God, the author of eternal peace Alleluia perenne Morning Prayer 1
O God, the strength of every heart Dundee Trinity 50
O God, to Thee our hearts we lift Waterworks Corner Easter 42
O God, we bless Thy name Moscow Trinity 62
O God, with hearts as in Thy sight Jerusalem Advent 5
O Lord our God, enthroned above Azmon Trinity 52
O Lord our God, our Refuge near Montez à Dieu Trinity 73
O Lord our God, we joy to trace Ach Herr, du allerhöchster Gott Saints’ Days 84
O Lord, Almighty to command St. Matthew Saints’ Days 89
O Lord, Thy grace we supplicate Culross Holy Communion 97
O Lord, Who by Thy perfect love Magdalen College Shrovetide 24
O Lord, Who fasted for our sake Vox dilecti Lent 26
O Lord, Who hearest every weary sigh Song 22 Trinity 58
O Lord, Who in Thy wondrous love Wexford Carol Saints’ Days 81
O Lord, Who knowest how the snares abound Stoney Epiphany 19
O Lord, how glorious the gain Hymn 191 Trinity 51
O Lord, our darkness lighten now St. Flavian Evening Prayer 4
O Lord, to Thee we fly Wondrous Love Shrovetide 22
O gladsome light, O grace Le cantique de Siméon Canticles 106
O what can hurt a soul redeemed Buckland Trinity 70
Omniscient God, Who seest all Uffingham Shrovetide 23
Once the dews of night have shed Ratisbon Pentecost 47


First line Tune Subject Number
Prevent us, Lord, in all we do Maryton Holy Communion 100


First line Tune Subject Number
Raise up, O Lord, Thy mighty power Somerleyton Advent 8


First line Tune Subject Number
Searcher of hearts, Almighty God When Jesus Wept Saints’ Days 80
Seek the Lord whilst ye may find Him Psalm 42 Canticles 109
Since Christ our Passover is slain St. Anne Canticles 105
Sing praise unto God, for He hath triumphed gloriously Ellacombe Canticles 107
Sing to the Lord Jehovah's name The Third Tune Canticles 103
Surely it is God Who saveth Hyfrydol Canticles 108


First line Tune Subject Number
The God of Israel blessed be Gonfalon Royal Canticles 115
The appointed time in perfect fulness run Adoro te devote Christmas 13
The nations of the world Leoni Trinity 54
Thou God, all glory, honor, power Irish Canticles 117
Thou majesty divine, before Thy throne we bow St. Cecilia Saints’ Days 79
Thy love, Almighty God, provides Ach Gott und Herr Saints’ Days 93
To Thee, Almighty God, to Thee Quebec Saints’ Days 85


First line Tune Subject Number
We call on Thee, O Lord Quam dilecta Epiphany 16
We pray Thee, Lord, Thy Church to keep St. Patrick's Breastplate Epiphany 20
With Thy perpetual mercy keep Crimond Trinity 65